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Married on Oct 1, 2016 in Free State

Weeks before my special day (1/10/2016) I was stressing and loosing my mind - having to balance work, family time with mom, dad, gran and my brother as well as relationship time with my soon to be husband at the time and on top of it all PLANNING MY OWN WEDDING - and not just planning but DOING MY OWN RUNNING AROUND FOR EACH AND EVERY THING, BIG & SMALL.
As the countdown to my wedding day began 7 days......., 6 days......, 5 days....., 4 days...., my stress level was the most it has ever been in my life. My soon to be hubby and myself were so stressed we were on one another's case all the time. So day 3 came..., than day 2.., and than day 1. On day 1 we gathered all our friends and people closest to us to meet us at our wedding venue so we could get to decorating. We eventually finished at 3 a.m the morning of my wedding (1/10/2016) and there were still a few things short from making it perfect and putting me at ease; so I went home tired and even more stressed than before.

I woke up at 6 a.m had a bath and rushed to my wedding venue to finish off the last few things that i needed done to make my wedding perfect. With just the help of my dad and my uncles from 6:45 a.m to 11:00 a.m we pulled off as much as we could - I couldn't stay any longer the hairdresser was already waiting at my house to start with my hair, as i drove out of the venue i couldn't take it anymore and i burst out in tears screaming ''God please take over, I cannot do it on my own!!'' and as i started to thank God having faith He would come through for me, i heard the hooter of my fiance's car passing me with some of his friends on their way to our wedding venue - they had managed to sort the balance of things out. He made it back to his place an hour before the wedding was supposed to have started and managed to sort himself out as well.

At this point when He called me to pray with me over our soon to be Marriage Covenant I knew that God had come threw for us, all my stress had immediately left me and I knew at that very moment God would be the centre of our marriage to be and that God had given me the cream of the crop - a man like no other - the man that exceeds my dreams - the man God had created just for me is the man that God knows it perfect for me & he is (*smile*).

There was not one thing that went wrong for my wedding. From start to finish it was perfect, from the floor to the ceiling in both the chapel and the reception hall was just perfect. Everything was exactly what i prayed for, worked towards and wanted my once in a lifetime special day to be like. The only thing that went wrong was that I forgot to do my nails in the rush of things.... But there was nothing some stick-on's could not fix.

It was worth all the stress, now that its over i cannot imagine it having been any other way.
Having the motivation and support as well as encouragement of my close family & beloved friends really made the load bearable. So appreciative of all they did for me.

I'm in love and boy oh boy does it feel good.!

Signed: Nikita Veeriah - A Bride After God's Own heart.

My wedding day was the best ever i just could not wait to marry and be with my best friend for eternity. I love my husband. God could not have chosen better for me.


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