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Nicole Cogill

Married on Oct 22, 2016 in Western Cape

Our Perfect Day

Today I write this 1 month after we got married. Jason and I have been together for little over 5 years now and when we met, as a young couple in love, little did we know we'd be getting married a few years later!
Leading up to the big day, stress was at its peak... Trying to ensure everything went perfectly according to plan was all I could think about and the biggest lesson I learned from that, was that nothing in life ever goes perfectly according to plan!
The big day. We had the most beautiful venue –Winery Road Forest, our dream, “Twilight” wedding in the forest (because we’re nature-lovers) – everything was arranged and we had the best florist booked; everything was exactly how we wanted it to be. The day before was beautiful, sunny with a light breeze and we’d been assured no rain for the morning of our wedding. And then the inevitable happened. At 8:30 on the morning of our wedding it rained. Sorry, I meant POURED… While I was waiting for my stylist and family to arrive at my room (and yes, they were ALL late), my wonderful man and wedding team moved everything inside for what was to be the most intimate, special time of my life. And yes, as soon as I arrived at the venue, it had stopped raining… Yet with all the little things seemingly going wrong in the morning, I had the most special, memorable and stunning day marrying my best friend, my life companion, my wine-tasting, TV-watching, bonsai-growing partner!


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Winery Road Forest

Winery Road Forest

Our breath-taking forest offers various options for a customised wedding ceremony under a natural pine canopy