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Neo Phillipine Mthethwa

Married on Oct 22, 2016 in Gauteng

So every girl imagine meeting the 'one' to sweep them off their feet, perfect wedding and happy ever after? Well I'm one of the blessed girls for sure... When I encountered my king, we planned our extravagant wedding on pure faith - believe me. We planned the wedding all by our selves, with the support our loved ones and our bride maids and groomsmen doing all the garden DIY projects, thanks to pinterest! Only on the last week of the big day, we got financial break-through and were able to pay off our extremely patient service providers whom ONLY all just had deposits - wonder why they didn't drop us (God). With our tight budget - we were determined to get married debt free (which we achieved oh!), Along preparations towards the big day we didn't have the guest gifts and I got a heavenly inspiration to create pen stands and buy color blending pens which our team helped out with - perfecto. The deco was exclusive (see deco picture), photography on point (yes?), catering divine (I finished my plate LOL) and the presence of God filled the place... Then the big day!!! They say 'always leave room for disappointment' Well? no band to walk me down the aisle and one of my bride maids sang me in - so rare and incredibly beautiful - it looked rehearsed, amazing right?. Oh and our wedding coordinator didn't exist until thee day - How does one forget that?? ASK NOT! He was amazing - absolutely ordained for the day - He brought so much order! Every thing about the day including the late band team was perfect (they did us good at reception), I actually wish we did it all on OPW. The only advise I would give to any bride and groom to be - do your planning, but PRAY PRAY & PRAY - You can only relax once prayed. God is faithful. If I have to say it myself, I think we had a perfect wedding :) Now enjoying my kings' castle!


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