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Maryke Janine Botha

Married on Oct 15, 2016 in North West Province


Every girls dream wedding definitely does not start with the chicken pox.

As mentioned above, anything is possible. After months of preparation, one could simply not prepare for- or see chicken pox lurking up on oneself, a week before the wedding the rashes and the itching started, with this obviously some emotional devastation. Thank heavens I am the youngest of 6 children and I had enough support to get through the week, with giggles and tears, my husband was going to marry a dalmatian - his words, not mine - At least he tried to make me feel better by saying I was a "sexy dalmatian"(not very successful).

It was an honor for me to wear my mothers wedding dress, after years of dreaming about it as a child. It was worn for the first time 12/12/1981 at my parents wedding and again by me 15/10/2016 (after a few small alterations - she was a tad skinnier). In a few days it will be their 35th anniversary. And in quite a few years it will be mine.

My make-up artist - Marinel van der Heever - Worked a few miracles, and by the end of the evening the pox was still out of sight and out of mind, thanks to my beautiful husband and amazing guests - sadly after many warnings to the guests, the pox epidemic spread to one of our guests from Johannesburg.

There were a few little disasters like the weather, which had more moodswings then a panicked bride, and the DJ that planned his own playlist after being supplied with a perfectly great and amazing playlist. In the end nothing could spoil my happiness and it couldn't have bothered me less.

If you have the right groom, nothing can spoil a wedding...


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