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Mandy Phillips

Married on Oct 14, 2016 in Gauteng

Our journey before our I do's

We have encounted so many up's and downs my angel but know that every journey i do not regret. We smiled, laughed, swore, cried and many more together but I wouldnt have asked for anyone better. Know that on our old age sitting on the porch and playing UNO we will look back at our journey and see the wonderful blessings that God blessed us with. Being in an interracial relationship was soo difficult in the beginning alot of stigma followed us but I remember when I said if you want to leave if this is to difficult for you then I would understand but you held my hand and told me that I am worth every stare that people give every nasty comments people would shout out & every nasty laugh but those people dont exist in our world but you.
That is why I married you Mr.Phillips

Our fury Family portrait

Bella, Nina, husband & wife


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The Forest Walk Venue

The Forest Walk Venue

Located centrally between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the heart of Glen Austin, lies this unique venue surrounded by beautiful forest surroundings and big gardens for your gue...