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Lené Needham

Married on Oct 14, 2016 in Gauteng

I can say with all honesty, our wedding day had its imperfect moments, but it was all blessed. That meant the world to us. I have always thought 'the wedding', starts on the day one gets engaged, is it not? That is when the planning starts, is that not all part of the big wedding? So, in my eyes, our wedding was a total of 418 days (22 Aug 2015 - 14 Oct 2016), one singe day just does not cover all the special times in-between!

When all the planning started, Thomas and I decided two things: The groom will be just as important as the bride! To me it is not just 'the bride's day'. We are two individuals, making the same promise to each other. The bride is important, yes, but not a bit more important than the groom. Secondly, most of our effort and creativity will go into the ceremony and not necessarily into the reception. The ceremony is what it is all about at the end of the day, that is where the most important promise takes place.

What made the whole experience such a journey, is that we were our own wedding planners, we wanted to stamp our own fingerprints all over our vintage inspired wedding. It was a lot of time and effort, but in the end it was worth it. All through the planning phase we had to learn to trust one another to get things done. We compromised with some of the ideas to make both individuals feel equally important on the day. Discovering to just enjoy the whole process even if everything doesn't turn out as planned, was a good growth point for both of us. The most important thing is we had to respect one another.

Our wedding was handcrafted. We made everything from the lawn games, photo-booth, ceremony doors, small message activities, signages, first dance and secretly designing our own looks for the day. It would be safe to say we did not make the food or the music. Basically our fingerprints were everywhere!

We did have some help of course. One thing about a wedding, everyone loves to help out. We were blessed in the sense that one of my cousins is a hairdresser, the other a make-up guru, we have parents with amazing decorative pieces in their homes. We have a family friend that has the talent to decorate, making a red barn look like a dream. Our wedding venue, The Big Red Barn, gave us the choice to decide what our guests can enjoy to eat and drink. A spirit-filled pastor, guiding us to make 'The Promise'. A chilled two-man band leading us into divine worship. Friendships that helped with the smaller wedding details, and family with the bigger. A videographer and photographer that made us feel comfortable and captured the moments our minds will tend to forget over the years. Everyone made all the puzzle pieces fit and at the end of The Day, made it perfect!

Even with all the stress and hurry on the day and with all the planning, it made pure memories with a wide array of emotions. I would not want to change a thing about any part of our wedding, as I said it was all divinely blessed, it was OURS.

Detail of all the professionals

# Venue - The Big Red Barn (Irene)
# Photography - Clareece Smit
# Videography - Preatorian Productions
# Flowers and decor - Braam Botha and Kobie Needham (Everyone helped)
# DJ – Altus from AJR Audio
# Band – Doxa Deo Brooklyn worship team leaders – André vd Merwe and Martin Bravenboer
# Dress - Made by Ivy Designers
# Vintage car – Borrowed by Victor Jimenez
# Make-up – By Zahré Harris
# Hair – By Ansomé du Plessis
# Nails - By Skin DNA Hair and Beauty
# Dance Choreographer - Jann Bodeker
# Head piece - Made by Genevieve Schutte
# Henna Tattoos – By Hina Beautician
# Shoes and garter - Made/adapted by Lené Needham


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