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Joline Kruger

Married on Oct 21, 2016 in Gauteng

Our Wedding Experience: Stylish at the Utmost!

My husband and I decided that our wedding ceremony will only be the climax of the whole wedding experience. We wanted our guests to be more important than anything else on our wedding. They are our best friends and family after all, so almost everyone at the wedding had a small task to fulfill for the wedding. One friend had to collect the donoughts for dessert, my grandmother and grandfather collected the roses for the table, my mother made my dress, my father mange the guest and supply the wedding car. My nice and friend where the bridesmaids. It was really special for us to have my husband’s 82 year old grandfather as the dominee. We decided to do the décor ourselves and went the day before to the venue with my parents and grandparents to do the table, flowers and all the flower arrangements. At 11h00 that evening we got hungry and my husband and my father drove to Steers to buy takeaway food and we enjoyed a special take away dinner together the day before our wedding. Although it might sound like nothing, it was quite special to see the whole venue transpire into my most special day.
Our theme was French Industrial. On the wedding day itself we had an accordion player to entertain our guests on the lawn and set the mood before the church service. After the service we have lovely French canapés and all the guests could join in for photos before the evening festivities.
My husband insisted that there had to be enough food which was one of the highlights of the wedding. Enough good food and more an enough to eat. We give our guests a choice of lamb shank or beef fillet which was ordered when they accepted their invitation to come to the wedding. No one stood in queue for food and everybody got served at the tables. We had live entertainment the whole evening and we really had to thank the band for their input in song choice and music presentation.
My mom and I design together which was very special. My dress complimented the theme and the most special part is no one would ever had a dress like mine. It was tailor-made by my mom for me.
My husband and I participated equally in everything with regards to the wedding. It was an unforgettable day, we did not try to emulate anyone. Everything on the wedding was inspirited by our own taste and did not follow any trends. We kept it VERY SIMPLE - STYLISH AT THE UTMOST!

Venue : Lace on Timber /
Photograph : Ezra - /
Make-up : Zandrie Nel - 983 287 4242 /
Decor : Joline Kruger - 072 456 3113 /
Dress : Pauline Nell -082 469 8268 - Mother /
Co-Ordinatior : Deon Nell and Pauline Nell - Parents /
Music : n Pel van My - Tel: 076 987 8257 -


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