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evette du plessis

evette du plessis

Married on Oct 15, 2016 in Western Cape

Jonathan Chauvineau and Evette du Plessis met in Auckland, New Zealand 3 years ago. Evette originally from Cape town, South Africa , took a work opportunity abroad and Jonathan, originally from Paris, France decided to travel and explore "Kiwiland" as a gap year.

They met at a boxing class and Evette's left hook was apparently a killer!
(I'm writing this so I can say that!) ;)

They went to coffee's, dinners, movies , road trips and the rest is history. We were fortunate to have traveled to some of the most exotic places in the world together! Once settled buying property in Auckland, New Zealand we had a child, Mademoiselle, Scarlett Bijou Chauvineau, and so decided to clinch the deal officially with a TRUE "French - Saffer"wedding.

The wedding took place in Franschhoek (the french corner) Cape Town, South Africa.It was a perfect evening in October at the foot of the Franschhoek mountain range. Decor, the dress, the quaint chapel, all french inspired. Topped off with traditional South African cuisine: bobotie,biltong and bunny chows! Our family and friends traveled from all over the world to share this amazingly special day with us and also to experience my beautiful home country , South Africa. PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN



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