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Diane du Plessis (Ruck)

Diane du Plessis

Married on Oct 8, 2016 in Gauteng

On the age of 23 I did slip in a coma for a long time. One morning I couldn't woke up as I stop breathing in my sleep. After I woke up from the coma I came to realized I was paralyzed, could not talk, swollow, breath on my own. As a 23 year old I had to learn everything all over again. My mother and family was my strength. My mom spend day and night by my bedside praying and crying. After I came out of the coma the doctors gave me 18 months to live and I won't be able to walk, talk, swallow or be a women again. With lots of prayers from all over the world I did recover to how I am now. My mom never turned her back on me and support me through everything that came my way. Although my mom and family where there for me I started to feel a need of finding really love. Someone who won't judge me for what happened to me or how I look or my condission of still sleeping with oxygen, having a balance problem, using a wheelchair at times or spending time next to my bed when I am in hospital with pneumonia. I did pray a long time for someone very special and then I met my husband on a strange way but he did swept me of my feet. There was love at first sight. He covered me in his love and stand by me through thick and thin. When I am in hospital he is there by my sight. I am really blessed for having him as my husband waking up at night making sure I am all right. All I can say is Thank you Lord for all my blessings, giving me a perfect partner and for making my wedding day the best day of my life. I was blessed with a really fairy tale wedding thanks to God, the best mom in the world and an wonderful husband. That's my story. Kind regards Diane


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