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Anuscka Ellis

Married on Oct 15, 2016 in Western Cape

Ellis Wedding 2016

Our Dream Wedding Day...

Any girl dreams of this day. She plans her big white dress. She imagines her first dance. She can see herself walking down the aisle. Big, colorful bouquets.She grows up with the dreams of all things pretty and golden.

But never in my wildest dream could I imagine myself meeting my Husband. Falling in love with the most humble, caring, loving person. Getting asked by him to join as one. Walking down the aisle, seeing him stare back at me.

Coenie and I met in 2010- and we quickly realized that although we are very different, we appreciated each others level of weird:)

We got married on the 15th of October at De Uijlenes Farm. The ceremony was held in a beautiful green forest, with soft sound of leaves in the air. The Ceremony was in a old barn, with a big ceiling and a lot of character. Our wedding was all about mirroring the people that we are- fun, quirky and romantic.

Mutual Weirdness Forever


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De Uijlenes

De Uijlenes

With two equally unique and different wedding venues on the farm to choose from and surrounded by glorious countryside, you will be blown away.