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Nicolé Vos (Smith)

Nicolé Vos

Married on Jan 10, 2016 in Gauteng

Our story started in November 2013. Sunday 10 January 2016, a new page were turned and we started writing the life together as married couple.

We're a fun-loving couple, and wanted to have a feast with our loved ones. Everything we planned for our wedding was done around that. It had to be fun, out of the ordinary and just "lekker" enough for everyone. We knew that our attention would be on each other...and boy, was it...?!

The dream was to have a function in an open and airy space. Small and intimate, but fun and playful!

The only problem, is that I am a control freak. I had a function sheet and loved every second of putting this together. My husband-to-be (I know him as Storm, but his name is Lukas) told me that I better make sure to enjoy the day and to forget about my function wasn't all that possible in the end. :) I am a planner of nature and an events coordinator by trade :)


The day started out with getting ready with my mom and best friend at a cottage close to the venue where we got married. I remember being unable to sit still (more than usual), but was completely relaxed. The whole time. It was giggles and laughter. I felt like a princess...

When my dad came to fetch me, the first question was if my husband-to-be was at the venue yet. It hit me then...I was about to get married to my best friend...what a privilege that is?!

When I arrived at Salt & Stone (the wedding venue), my dad took my mom to find her seat in the boma (where the ceremony took place). I could see everyone from where I stood and am certain they could hear my giggles and excitement.

I took my bouquet (two turquoise and one purple - our favourite colours) and waited for my best friend (unofficially my maid of honor) and my husband-to-be's 6-year old daughter to walk down to the boma. Then my dad and I started walking down with "Thinking out loud" (Ed Shereen) playing in the background. I remember the gravel pathway down to the boma and my dad's arm holding me tight...I could here him laughing a bit and then he said "I love you". :) My eyes were fixed on Storm (AKA Lukas - my husband-to-be). Shame he was so hot!! I didn't want to get involved with his suit, so let him choose what he'd wanted to wear - he was in a full tux and was standing in the blaring hot sun waiting for me...his eyes so beautifully blue!!

I only now realise - I didn't have the worry about falling. I wore sneakers, and he did as well. We were so comfortable :) :)

My dad gave me to him and that was it...I can't remember seeing my friends or family. I only remember seeing him. His eyes, so soft and loving, looking at me so deeply. My hear skipped a beat. :)

Then came the moment we said our vows. Storm, said his from his heart. I was blown away!! This man promise to love me unconditionally...and I knew everything he said he meant.

It was then my turn...and the control freak I am, got my notebook and made sure I read everything I wanted to say written down to ensure I didn't skip anything. I like talking, so had much more to say :) :)

Exchanging rings | I was naughty and tied the rings together with a piece of when Storm's best man (his nephew) brought the rings and Storm opened it, I got a look that said, REALLY?! :) :)
My hands were so sweaty...I felt very concious about it then. I put his ring on his finger and he was mine. He put my ring on my finger, and I was was perfect!!

"You may now kiss the bride" | It has so much more meaning!! I don't think anyone who still needs to get married, understand what a big moment that is!! From the moment you walk down to your waiting husband, until that moment, you have this dire need to just kiss him!! It is the best feeling for your feet to lift from the ground and be drawn into this magical feeling (I don't know how to describe it...).

We signed our registers and started walking to the pathway leading up to the reception area. Out of the blue, just before we were showered with confetti, my husband picked me up and carried me through the shower of flutterbies (butterflies) cut out of pages from old books. My cousin tipped and entire basket over our heads in the middle of this long pathway.
My poor hubby!! He carried me all the way to the top - my hero!! What a surprise and wonderful experience :)

We decided to feed people whilst they waited for us to have a few pics taken. So, we cut the small cake (really just for tradition purposes) and then invited our family and friends to help themselves to some delicious vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. I even took a bite of the diabetic cupcakes we ordered.

But it was only one bite!! Although we were together all the time, I did not see or notice that my husband came storming at me and smashed a cupcake in my face...!! We had our own cake fight and then was called by the photographer :)

We had "Photograph" (Ed Shereen) play in the background :)

The pictures came out beautifully!! Storm was a model and it was so natural for him...I just enjoyed the moment of being so close to him!! His eyes sparkled and when he is happy it is a fiery was wonderful looking into his eyes and having some fun while being captured. Only when we had to pose with out family was I drawn bag to the reality we were in :)

It was then time for the formalities...selected members of our family said a few words of us as I wrote the programme I really didn't want it to be scripted and wonder if those speaches wouldn't have been too staged...but it wasn't. It was words that came from those people's hearts... WONDERFUL!!

After a while we went to the jumping castle and played with the girls a bit - Lyla (my husband's daughter), Kaytlyn and Cassey (friends' children). Playful!!

I remember very little else. I just know that we couldn't keep our hands off each other and were captured in our bubble :) (my dad even walked to us and whispered that we should wait until later...)

As I didn't have a bouquet to throw, I made use of the opportunity to give some flowers to the women in my life that meant most - my mom, my best friend and my mother-in-law.

Our MC then announced that Storm would take off the garter (which I only ran to put on when I realised it was supposed to be on already...too late). My gran did the garter for me. It was simple, but PERFECT!!!
The days leading up to our wedding I told Storm that I wasn't really comfortable with another man catching a garter that was such an intimate element between us as married couple. He understood and assured me that he will take care of the situation...
The way he took care of it was to mock the guys and when he was supposed to release the garter he put it over his head and said "sorry guys, it is mine. Get your own." (I did say it before - but he really is my hero!!!!)

First Dance | When I was about 19 or 20, my dad played a song to me which he felt was his and my mom's love song. I loved every word in the song! So beautiful...but when I met Storm and listened to the song with him one day I realised, the words talked to our as a couple.
Perfect Kiss (Mary Hines) started playing...and we went in for the dance. Now this is funny...neither of us can dance as a couple. I was so nervous before the wedding and we begged friends of ours to teach us (they have a dance studio) but unfortunately it never worked out that way. But there we were in each other's arms and it couldn't have been more perfect. We were so close to each other and moved as one. :) Wonderful!!!!!

Father-daughter-dance | Because we both had a dad and a daughter, we decided it will be a mix. I will dance with my dad and Storm will dance with Lyla on "Because you loved me" (Celine Dion).
I never knew this about my dad, but he could actually dance!!!!! My mom is disabled, and they always wanted to go for classes when she was more mobile, but it just never worked out that way. So I never knew my dad can dance!! And the best of all, I didn't feel uncomfortable! NOT ONCE!! All the steps were perfect!!!
My first proper dance and that with my dad. My dad was always my hero!!! And he was always the one who would hold me tight through any experience and support me. That dance was also another perfect moment and memory I will cherish ALWAYS!!

We danced a bit more and mingled with our friends and family until late afternoon.

Only then did I take a moment to walk through the day. I went to the boma where everyone earlier sat in a circle around us in the middle...I looked up the venue and saw my parents, my husband, our friends and his family. Most of the other guests have already left. It was wonderful!! The sun started to set but the moment was warm. I played with my camera a bit...making use of the opportunity to indulge and capture my own moment (for my own referral). Storm joined me was just us in that space.

He asked me if we can just ask the guests to leave so that we can go to our guest house. I agreed and although it took another while to say our goodbyes to everyone, we had another moment to take care of.

My balloon-y bouquet | Storm loves green/turquoise and I love purple. There were small elements incorporated in the decor of our wedding that was these colours. The balloons were these colours. I wanted a moment with Storm where we released our balloons into the sky. Everyone except my parents have left already and we then released the balloons. It was symbolic to me. The balloons were tied together and it was let free to make their own way.

We went to our guesthouse after saying goodbye and thank you to my parents. Only then did we realise that we hadn't really eaten anything and we changed our clothes and went to get KFC.

Our day was perfect in every sense. It was simplistic and fun. We have memories that includes our family and friends. We had moments with our people that we won't ever want to trade for anything.

And this day was only the beginning of our Forever and 2 Days together...


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