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Michelle Burri

Married on Jan 16, 2016 in Free State

I wouldn't call our story conventional...

On a perfect day, spent touring Paris, and a perfect moment on top of the Eiffel Tower...
My Love asked me to hang out with him forever and ever...

Bruno and I are both fun loving, adventurous individuals, and, had both been married before.
Neither of us wanted to get married again, least of all endure a traditional ceremony.
As time passed, we settled happily into life together. It was inevitable, getting married was just a formality.

We decided that we would celebrate our love at home in our garden, on 16 January 2016,
surrounded by our family and our closest friends. It was a perfect day filled with so much
love and an abundance of happiness.
We surprised everyone with the news that we had secretly been married at Home Affairs two months earlier, and that our guests were actually there to help us celebrate... and celebrate, we did!

We asked our photographer, to have some of our photos taken on our motorbikes the next morning, at sunrise. As we arrived, the heavens opened and it rained! It rained for a week. Thanks to the rain and our great photographer, we got some really awesome photos.
I'm not afraid of getting a little dirty... if you were wondering.....

Our love story continues, as we celebrate our love for each other every day ... to infinity and beyond.


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