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Rina Walton (Bezuidenhout)

Rina Walton

Married on Sep 26, 2015

This was no ordinary wedding... From the start this had to be a beach wedding and from day one the theme followed through. The venue was not close by and our guests had to travel far. The venue was located in the Namakwaland, Northern Cape, Kleinzee. The best of both....beach...and the flowers blooming.... perfect setting

Guests were invited with unique invitation with a "road trip" map. This wedding was not just a day... It was a week of fun and laughter where all friends and family pitched in to get everything ready. Because the venue was in a isolated place, there was no quick running to a store to buy something. If you needed something you had to take almost a 2 hour drive. We had to work with what we got.

The Friday before the wedding we spoiled all the guests with a 4x4 Shipwreck tour where 3 shipwrecks was found along the diamond coastal route. This route as well was special and unique as it has the most beautiful scenes.

On the wedding day the weather didn't play along and what could have been a disastrous day turned out to be the most special and beautiful day.
Our wedding had so much detail in. The candles we made ourselves as well as most of the decor. The decor we tried to use the natural resources available like the shells, pebbles, sand and much more

Our aim was to make our guests feel wanted and wanted to create a unique experience for them and not just another wedding. The guests was spoiled with lots of gifts to say thank you for attending and travelling so far. The received chocolates.... a beach bag filled with a picnic blanket, coffee cups and treats.

This is one day that I would like to relive anyday


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