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Petro Steyn (van Straten)

Petro Steyn

Married on Sep 19, 2015 in Free State

Every girl wants the perfect wedding, the perfect day. I was blessed beyond measure with exactly that. It was Saturday 19 September and the first thing I did when I woke up was look outside. Was it windy? Was it overcast? Was it cold?….Yes, to all of the above. I made the decision to not let this get the best of me and so the day’s activities started with a delicious breakfast with my two best friends, my bridesmaids, one could even say my angels. And after that the day turned into the perfect sunshine day, it sparkled like my eyes! I was surrounded by love and laughter, from hair and makeup to getting dressed, every moment was special and relaxed. It felt like a pamper day at the spa.
Standing in my exquisite Daniel Ellis wedding dress I felt like I stepped out of a bridal magazine. I couldn’t wait to get to the church and marry the love of my life. The church was filled to the brink with our 150 guests as well as all the love one could possibly imagine.
Walking into the reception with my now husband at my side was a surreal moment. I was overwhelmed at the sight of the elegance and beauty. It was truly the wedding of my dreams and the most gorgeous décor I had ever seen. Saying it was the best day of my life still doesn’t do it justice. The magnitude of that day cannot be captured by words.


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