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Netanje Kilian (Burger)

Netanje Kilian

Married on Sep 24, 2015

On a very hot late September day, me and my husband had our perfect wedding on a farm just outside Heidelberg.

I could never in my life imagined that on the 24th September 2015 that I would have the most intimate, breath-taking and beautiful day of our life.

We did most of the décor ourselves and that was just it that made our day more personal.

The day only meant one thing to us, and that is that it will be the day we promise ourselves and God to be together for now and for always.

From the moment that the door opened in the chapel until they switched off the lights and the music did me and my husband enjoy every second as if it were our last.

We were both so excited and could nothing come in our way of enjoying this incredible day of our lives.

Our colours of our wedding were white, mint and grey.

Our theme was vintage, we also used the love bird as our element of the day, it symbolise love and peace.

The food we tried to keep traditional, for starters we had a cheese platter with fruit compote, breads and jams.

Our mains were lamb shank, with a cherry tomato infuses mash, pampoen koekies and some nice mixed veggies.

Our desert table was a little bit of everything, cheesecake, pavlova, cinnabon’s , chocolate carnage cake exct.

We had great support from our friends and family and was that day not even possible without.

If I can give any future bride advise is to stress about the small things, let the people in and get them involved.

Take as much as possible in that day, it goes by very quickly.

They day is all about you and your husband and the guest are there to enjoy your day with you.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our wedding day with you. xxx


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