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nazli moses (april)

nazli moses

Married on Sep 14, 2015 in Western Cape

After dating for many years, we finally decided to tie the knot. I was asked the question whilst enjoying a picnic on the scenic Taalmonument in Paarl. Gordon went on his knees like a real gentleman and I had butterflies in my stomach filled with excitement. I knew this was the start of many more beautiful things to come. I said yes with the only ultimatum of having to celebrate our anniversary every month wink** to keep the romance alive.
We shared the news with everyone and received only good wishes. We thereafter decided on a date. The planning of our wedding was fun it took us three and half months to plan and execute our ultimate wedding experience. It was fun and i enjoyed every moment thereof. I would do it over and over including the planning.
My mom and took on the task of finding me the perfect wedding dress, at the very first shop we went i found it,it fitted perfect i was hooked and did not even bother to shop around. My dress was made for me.
We chose our bridal party, and had our stag and bridal parties,where young and old celebrated with us to the early mornings this also adding to unforgettable experiences and adding to the hype of our big day. We were literally counting the days.
Two weeks before my wedding i was struggling with severe back pain and my only concern was: to be able to walk down the isle and getting stronger pain medication.I was informed by Specialist from Orthopedic department i must undergo an emergency back operation which could lead to paralyzing of lower body if i postpone. It was terrifying. I said a prayer and i knew if the Lord brought me to it he will bring me through it. My only wish that i had was that i want to enjoy me wedding day.
The day of my wedding everything was perfect, I woke up early filled with excitement and looked out the window first to check the weather and i could not have asked for a better weather. The venue,food,weather everything was perfect we were surrounded by happiness and excitement.
I was the perfect bride, i danced until i could dance no more, the day was fun and blessed i could not have asked for a more perfect day
If any one asked me if I would redo my wedding and do the planning all over I would say YES it was the most exiting time of my life. Looking for ideas,deciding on color scheme, deciding the style of bridesmaids dresses, hairstyles,makeup artist,cars,decor,type of invitations,first dance song,father-daughter song,thank you gifts. I had a lot of help from my bridesmaids and family so its important whom you choose to form part of your bridal party. Sometimes things happen you cannot control just go with it,but if you have enough time fix it. Its after all your wedding.Hopefully only happening once.


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