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Minette Espach (Zietsman)

Minette Espach

Married on Sep 26, 2015 in Limpopo

In life there is twists and turns... Where one meets and life becomes full circle! We knew each other for almost a lifetime but lost touch with each other and through a miracle we met on a dating site "Opsitkers - Landbouweekblad".
Our circle became full when I walked into the chapel and we looked into each others eyes. It was magical... The sun shined through the blue and red tinted glass of the chapel, the atmosphere was joyful and lovely.
Later when we arrived at our venue, we walked into a fairy tale land... Where each table had its own unique center piece ranging from a wooden box filled with wildflowers and candles to a stunning glass tree filled with small purple wild flowers. Everything looked stunning, my dreams come true!!! The venue provided everything, from accommodation to decorations and a delicious buffet.
The next morning the venue provided us with a lovely breakfast and a lion feed afterwards.


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