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Melissa Grobler

Melissa Grobler

Married on Sep 24, 2015

It all started when I met my husband 4 years ago...
We were to get married September 2014, but our finances did not allow us to. As the time went by I decided to go more into detail and do everything I wanted.
We decided that we wont let anything stand in our way to make our BIG day happen.
There were ribbons, diamantes, wool and many more...
I could not find the flower girl dresses I wanted and we made them ourselves and they were perfect.

Then...... The day before the wedding (Wednesday 23 September 2015), all went wrong. No white roses nowhere to be found, DJ was a disaster, wedding cake icing melting from the heat and worst of all... I haven't seen my husband to be in 4 days... BUT, as amazing as my husband is, he found white roses, collected and delivered to mommy's house. I found a new DJ Wednesday 15h30 and all was better. Mommy saved my wedding cake and looked perfect.

The time went by so quickly, before I knew it, it was time to walk down the isle.

Half way down the isle, I told daddy that my eyes keep on watering of happiness and nothing could be more perfect.

My husband turned around when I was halfway down the isle... I stopped breathing... The way he looked at me, tears in his eyes and rolling down his cheeks... My tears began running down my cheeks of happiness and awe for how much love I could see in my husbands eyes.

I could not wait to say "I DO"... Knowing I have met my soul mate and how happy I would feel to be called his wife. And then.... It was a big "I DO" that I gave my husband.

A man that accepted me for whom I am and seeing my son as his own, loving us both more then anything in the world.

Our wedding day was more then perfect. The most happiest day of my life.

And...... I would not change anything or do anything different.

I love my husband to bits and will do it all over again....

Melissa Grobler


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