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Maritza Saayman (Kriel)

Maritza Saayman

Married on Sep 26, 2015 in Gauteng

Our dream wedding was exactly that...a dream! Every girl dreams about this special day since she's been little and I must admit I was a typical little girl about my wedding...'one day' with my prince.
And how we stumbled upon each other, is quite ironic.
We met through his best friend, who (at the time), was engaged to my cousin...they are now married. And the weirdest thing...that not once in all the years, have I seen him at a braai or get together. It's as if God wanted us to grow more as individuals, become stronger and wiser...before we could meet.
But finally my time came to meet the man of my dreams and from that day onwards, I had my best friend next to me everyday.
I literally met my husband, exactly a week after being baptized. I still remember my spiritual leaders words, once I was baptized:”Now you are going to see miracles happen!”
Well I certainly never imagined this! So quick, so sudden, so WOW!
Never ever in my 35-year of existence have I ever experienced a love so real, so true, so honest and so pure. Literally, for the first time in my life, I felt as though I belonged...contentment & bliss filled my soul to the brim!
I finally discovered someone stronger and more independent then me...Just when I stopped searching for him...I found him...or shall I say? He found me...? I think God found us for each other and prepared us both for a beautiful and pure marriage where God would ultimately be our cornerstone.
And today, as I look back to all those years of being single, I now have understanding...that it wasn't about my time...but all about HIS time...everything is in God's hands and God’s timing is perfect…always.
Today, I'm married to the most beautiful human being on earth who will literally take off his shoes for someone less fortunate then himself. A true gentleman through and through.To us, respect is the basis, apart from God being our rock.
We believe that if there is respect, everything else will fall into place.
Our wedding was unique and definitely vintage! I made most of the decor myself and enjoyed every little detail I had to ponder about and bring to life.
It was hard work, but definitely worth it...and I wouldn't change it for the world!
I loved the venue, the decor, the guests, the atmosphere, the tranquility and the holiness that we experienced in the chapel...
My husband looked absolutely handsome in his Yihan Bronn designer suit and I loved my was even more then I dreamed it would be!
We opened the dance floor with 'Let Marvin Gaye get it on' and entertained our guests with a bit of vintage, slow, sexiness...
I look at the photographs today and realise just how blessed and fortunate I am to have had the opportunity of having such a beautiful wedding, such a beautiful wedding dress and such an absolutely gorgeous groom! And I love calling him...'my husband' even though I'm actually Afrikaans!


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