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Laura Botes (Kruger)

Laura Botes

Married on Sep 12, 2015

I know the old saying "love at first sight a terrible cliché, but it's what happened.

We met in a time of our lives where we both were more focused on other things than being in a relationship. I think that's exactly where God wanted us. I graduated from studying fashion design and and started working for the first time in Stellenbosch. My focus was just to grow in this job that I am one step closer to my dream, so a man was not in my little bubble. He on the other hand was the perfect bachelor.

One morning across the road from the shop where I worked, I saw a tall brunette man on his phone, I was watching him closely and was very intrigued. It was as if I saw a man for the first time in my life. I rushed into the shop and my colleague asked immediately what's going on with me. I told her of the man I saw across the road, and funny enough she knew him. She told me that He owns a coffee roastery and supplies coffee for the restaurant across the road . About week later we decided to go for coffee at the restaurant before work and he was there. My colleague introduced us and then he invited me for coffee every morning before work. What a good way to start the day I thought.

We grew into being really good friends and then he invited me to a braai one night and we realized that we live in the same apartment building in Somerset West. I do not believe in coincidence, God has a plan for everything He does. Here we stand today as a married couple and I am incredibly happy. God definitely gave me the perfect match. My love, my best friend and my compass that leads me straight to God. Our wedding day was exactly how we wanted it. Everything told our story so beautiful, from the flowers, decor, fairy lights, to the candles and what we wore. The theme was a combination between fashion design (Me) and coffee (Him), with elements of vintage and rustic. The colors were soft blush pink, cream, copper and olive green.


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