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Kirsten Kleyweg (Brent)

Kirsten Kleyweg

Married on Sep 5, 2015 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

I was that little girl who dreamt about her wedding day her entire life. I imagined it being a fairy tale wedding. Little did I know that I would be in the event industry which meant I would have the wedding of our dreams? Obviously Pinterest did not help our budget at all…… Planning our wedding was amazing. We agreed on everything together. All our decor was done by myself, my mom, and mom in law, aunt, bridesmaids and friends. We didn’t want a fussy wedding but rather a naturally beautiful one. When we started planning we decide we wanted to be untraditional with touches of tradition.
Our wedding day was perfect and everything we wanted and dreamt of .The day started overcast and as I was ready the sun came out for me to walk down the aisle. My dad passed away when I was 11, so I say it was his smile beaming from heaven that I was marring not only the man of my dreams but certainly a man he would approve of.
When it came to feeding our guests we decide to do a fun interactive dining.
Starters: We did substantial canapes during our photo opp. The canapes consisted of mini pizzas, quiche, mini pies, mini spring rolls, a sweetie bar, popcorn machine and a cheese board.
Dinner: Build a gourmet burger. Nick loves burgers!!! We had every topping under the sun for our guest to indulge and enjoy. Our guests loved them
Dessert: Was a mix our favourite desserts. Magnum ice creams, rice crispy hearts, malva puddings, chocolate brownies and mini doughnuts.
The day was magical from the surprise letters nick sent me throughout the day to the amazing sunset. They say pictures can say a lot. When we got our pictures it reminded us how much fun we had. The photographer even had to tell us not to smile for the more serious photos.
Advise for any future brides:
• Don’t be scared to do things yourself. It’s so much fun. If you not confident to do things yourself use the people around you to help. I makes the day that much more special.
• The emotions on the morning of your wedding day no one can describe I was so emotional but I said to one of my friends when I get to Nick I will be ok and that’s what happened Nick calms me and with him I am in my happy place.
• Don’t sweat the small stuff.
• Take moments alone during the wedding to look around you and feel the love.
• Have fun!!!! The guest live your feelings for the night.
• Laugh and have fun it’s the best day of your life.


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