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Chane' Stassen

Chane' Stassen

Married on Sep 5, 2015

We met whilst our respective families were on holiday at Cape Vidal. We forgot our barbeque grill and asked the Stassen’s if we could borrow theirs. I was a mere 11 years old and he 15 years old.

A few years down the line I visited the family farm in Marble Hall one summer and there he was, and I couldn’t stand the sight of him. The first time we ever met was on the farm, on the “Koppie”. At that time I was in grade 10 and he was already working. We like to joke about the first time we officially met, saying that I fell for him…literally. I asked someone sitting with us around the fire how old is this guy and he accidentally overheard me and answered the question himself and at that moment I fell off of the rock I had been sitting on. Hence I fell for him…literally…I just didn’t know it at that time.

Somehow he befriended my cousins and nephews and they became close friends. Whenever I visited the farm…the irritating guy was there. I didn’t want anything to do with him so (in the sneakiest of ways) he befriended my uncle and later my dad. It progressed in such a manner that in my matric year Japie and my uncle would come and visit my dad, numerous times, they would go on hunting weekends together as well as fishing trips. Still I didn’t want anything to do with him.

I was a bright eyed 18 year old ready to take on the world, get my LLB degree and become the best advocate there is and no guy was going to stop me. I couldn’t have asked for a better guy, because he had endless patience with me. He proceeded to wait another 3 years for me and on the Christmas of my third year of study at Tukkies, an almost tragedy opened my eyes to the person he is and that I wanted and needed him in my life. So we got engaged last year and got married this year.

Our weddings’ theme was type of mystical and fantasy. The colours were red, black, silver and white. My greatest inspiration came from my cousins’ wedding a few years earlier at the same venue. I was very young at that age, but what I could remember was the thousands of fairy lights and the dancing.

There were a lot of fairy lights at the wedding. White draping on the sides of the lapa and the ceiling. We had 2 chandeliers made, which I decorated a mere 2 days before the wedding. My mother, my aunt and I (my dad, uncle and Japie as well) made thousands, and I do means thousands of butterflies out of paper, which we used as decoration. There were butterflies against the trees at the reception venue. There were butterflies on the grass at the reception, held down with toothpicks. There were butterflies hanging from the wall, our confetti was tiny butterflies which we punched with a paper punch. There were butterflies on the grass at the reception, held down with toothpicks.

The table decorations were tall chandeliers with a big ball of blood red roses on its top and candles surrounding the rose ball. On the table itself the chandeliers were surrounded by bits and pieces of bling things, like small silver vases, smaller vases with single roses in them etc.

In the church I decided to not go with the conventional decoration of flowers on the church benches. I decided to collect photos of all the important moments in my and Japie’s life, from the day we were born until the date of the wedding. We framed them and decorated them with bowties and hung them from the benches.

The great thing for me was that most of the decorations were hand made. So the our wedding had a very personal touch to it and everyone and I do mean everyone in the family contributed in some way to the big day.

My dress and my look was done entirely for the sole purpose to wow my husband. One week before he asked me to marry him I had cut off my hair. So my hair was not very long by the time of the wedding, so I had saved and got extensions done the week before the wedding. Japie saw my hair for the first time the day of the wedding as I was walking down the aisle. (We had agreed that one week before the wedding we won’t see each other…word of advice do not do this…it is pure torture!.

My dress I decided upon once again to knock Japie off of his feet. I am a kind of a tom boy and never really wore dresses. So he is used to seeing me in jeans. So I got the puffiest, princess dress I could find…with the longest veil, including tiara….and silver sparkling slippers. My makeup was very light as he prefers a more natural look.

At precisely 4:30 the morning of our wedding I woke up with the sound of torrents of rain falling on the roof. Every brides’ worst nightmare…rain on her wedding day. Our reception venue was not a problem, but we were supposed to take photos on the farm and on the “Koppie” where we officially first met. As luck would have it about 11 o’clock that morning the clouds started to disappear and the sun came out. The sun shined until just after our church ceremony. As we were walking out the church the dark clouds started to gather. However the rain held out until after our photo shoot…which was amazing because it caused the most beautiful photos to be taken.

Just as we arrived at the reception it started raining again. This in turn once again caused for the most beautiful photos to be taken because we had a night shoot done in the rain! I couldn’t have asked for more mystically beautiful pictures.

…and they say when it rains on your wedding day you are blessed with a happy marriage….what could we have asked for more?...


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