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Bianca van der Merwe (Bekker)

Bianca van der Merwe

Married on Sep 18, 2015

Alex and I have known each other for 12 years before making covenant before our Heavenly Father. Of the 12 years, we dated 5 years and were engaged for the next 8 months. Deciding on Photograph as the main theme of our wedding, we knew it would be a picture perfect day to remember.

Of course, our friends know by now that if they invite us to a dinner party or a birthday celebration, we have to take a photo. For that split second, the memory lasts forever.

Our wedding day was absolutely special and unique. We were so privileged that there was not a single thing (that we know of) that went wrong that day! It was all smooth sailing. Many of the traditional customs, we chose not to add to our eventful day. We added Biblical traditions to our wedding day because it had very special meanings to both Alex and I. At the ceremony, we got married under a “Chuppah'', which symbolizes the covering from the Lord. After the ceremony, we cut the cake. It was a delicious cake and it had the words of Solomon written on it, “I have found the one whom my soul loves”. Moving on to the reception, we started the evening by sharing communion with our guests. This was a symbol of going into the marriage, pure and cleansed from sin. After that, we shared a Shabbat meal with our guests. More information about the feast can be found in Leviticus 23. Dancing the night away, we opened the dance floor with Photograph by Ed Sheeran. Wow, he is such a talented artist. We had so much fun on our wedding day!

When planning a wedding, I heard that it can be very overwhelming! May I just mention that it was an absolute pleasure to plan my wedding! I married my best friend. We think alike, so it was very easy in making decisions because we knew what we wanted! Both of us have very high standards and it was important that the wedding was done in excellence!

I am blessed for I have found the lover of my soul! May whatever the Father put together, let no man try to separate it!


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