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Renee van Zyl

Renee van Zyl

Married on Jun 20, 2015 in Gauteng

What a perfect winter’s morning, 20 June 2015 at Lavender Hill.

Everyone was very excited in anticipation of our big day. My mom helping me to get ready, feeling very excited as a bride and not able to wait any longer to see my groom. At 9:00 hot coffee and scones were served at the chapel to warm the guests and at 10:00 it was time for the ceremony to start, 3 special friends of mine walked in followed by our families who then stood in-front of the chapel waiting for the bridegroom to enter. Warm hugs were given as the family greeted the bridegroom on his wedding day, next it was me and my father's turn to arrive at the chapel. As the wedding bells rang, music started and the doors opened... then I saw my husband to be standing in-front waiting for me to enter. My father and I walked down the isle... what a special moment for me enjoying every bit of it and what a privilege to welcome our Heavenly Father on our wedding day. We had such a lovely ceremony.

As we walked out as Mr and Mrs van Zyl, our guests waited for us down the path under the trees to throw confetti made up of lavender leaves and rose petals, a donkey called Max entertained us all walking in-front of us carrying baskets for guest to take confetti. Cheerful songs were played by our musician walking behind us on the path playing the saxophone.

We all enjoyed our carrot, red velvet and lemon wedding cake under a gazebo outside on a sunny winter’s morning, feeling a fresh breeze coming from the mountain’s side, laughing, eating, celebrating our wedding feast with lemonade and delicious snacks.

When we entered the reception hall, we started with a romantic dance. The hall was full of flowers… lilies, roses, proteas... pink, sage green, cranberry and periwinkle blue colours with little white flags and Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Our reception hall was beautiful. Everyone enjoyed lunch and each others company while french cafe music was played.

To end our special day, we waved goodbye to our guests and family, as we went up into the sky in a hot air-balloon. Everyone enjoyed the exciting departure, our guests let go of 80 colourful balloons as we went up into the air and waved at them, what a wonderful sight.... they were blown away with our fancy departure as the two of us flew away together as a married couple…

Love is in the air!!

Photography by Palm Photography.


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