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Yvette van Zyl (Steyn)

Yvette van Zyl

Married on May 2, 2015

My beautiful wedding day was the most precious gift I have ever received. You have to understand the miracle of sunshine to appreciate how this day unfolded into the most spontaneous wedding celebrations I have ever been part of! The setting: Pine Lake Marina, Sedgefield. The wedding ceremony: Outside adjacent to the Swartvlei Lagoon. The bridal vehicle: A boat. The wedding walk way: A jetty. The morning of the wedding: Raining! It wasn't this typical Garden Route drizzle either that would fizzle out in an hour. I grew up in George and I know rain and then I know rain! At one point during the preparations, I looked out over the lagoon and all the noise of make-up, hair dryers and excited woman faded from my mind... I stared over the lagoon as the mist rolled over the water and wrapped itself around the island. Thick rolling mist on the morning of my wedding as the rain set in and the Staff scurried for protection, ribbons and bows in their hands. I had one thought then: 'Famous last words, Yvette! I had said with bravado, when asked about our autumn wedding in the Garden Route; 'I ordered the weather first. The sun will shine!' Needless to say, I didn't have time to ponder this, because I was being powdered and painted into my most beautiful self that I could imagine. The wedding was 15:00 and when I walked out of the cabana at 14:30 the rain had gone. The skies were blue with a dazzle of cloud. I couldn't believe it, but in my heart I said the BIGGEST small Thank You Lord! My dad and I took the boat to the jetty and all I could think of was my husband to be. How this was exactly how I had imagined it. I am a water child, grew up on boats and this was the deciding factor in our choice of venue. Emotions were bouncing off the light on the water as we walked down the jetty. I had never seen my dad so proud and so emotional as when he held my hand and told me how beautiful I am. I had never felt my bridesmaid and beautiful best friend's laughter ring so true in my ears as she walked behind me. I had never thought that I would be this bouncing, excited almost bursting of joy BRIDE ever! I walked down the jetty laughing; shoes in my hand, my bare feet on the damp wood, water crystal clear around us and the gorgeous sunshine on my face. The moment I lost my heart all over again, was when my husband to be, Rupert lifted my veil and kissed me Hallo! It was the most tender and thankful kiss of 'Phew! We have made it to each other's arms again' kiss we have shared. From this moment there are many little moments that have become the gems of our day. I was still nervous and when we had to put the rings on, I put it on Rupert's right hand ring finger. Needless to say it didn't fit. Instead of thinking, I looked up at him with a panicked look on my face saying: 'But that's impossible...' He laughed and said: 'The other right finger my love!' When we were announced husband and wife and the BIG moment for the BIG kiss arrived, rays of sunshine graced our moment! Something out of the ordinary, extraordinary!
I can honestly say we had so much fun with our photos on our wedding day. On our first boat trip as husband and wife, we laughed about the rain and just looked back in awe at the most beautiful place that we had found to make the most important promise of our lives to each other. We were blown away by the sheer gravity of it all. It was so overwhelming, the emotions, the excitement, the anticipation, the tangible love. We can honestly look back and say that we had the most true wedding to our personalities that we could've possibly have imagined. The one scene flowed naturally into the next and our family and friends made it extra special to share this momentous day with them. It sounds a cliche, but it was picture postcard perfect. I have traveled the world to find my best friend, my anchor, my one true love at the foot of Table Mountain, tucked away neatly nearest to home! I look back at our wedding day and I remember not feeling nervous, but feeling like I am exactly where I was supposed to be. That this was 'coming home' for me in its truest sense. Home where Rupert is. Home where my heart is. I have found my Forever Home in the heart of my husband, Rupert van Zyl.


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