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Jamie Sangster (Haupt)

Jamie Sangster

Married on May 1, 2015

As a young girl, I would never had thought my wedding day would be as Blessed and Beautiful as it was.

From all the drawn up sketches of my visions and desires, to the preparations of flower choices and right up until the clean up of the Reception venue, I was amazed at the blessings of Love, Happiness and Joy that filled our day.

We were lucky to celebrate our Love with family who had travelled far across seas and regions to bare witness to our Union and our Promise of Forever Love.

Having the opportunity to have a Husband whose only desire was to give me the perfect day and the "Cinderella Princess" experience , I couldn't have asked for a greater gift from God. I was fortunate enough to have not one, but two Bridal Gowns to symbolise my transformation from a girl to a woman and from a woman to a wife!

Lucky doesn't even come close to the amount of Blessings we received from those who attended our Ceremony and Reception or from the outpour of prayer and wishes on the day and days leading to our Big day.

With all our close friends and mainly family in attendance - we kept our Ceremony unplugged, intimate and sacred to the essence of the Why we were getting Married and Keeping God centre of it All!

We Blessed our Union with angelic sounds of the Harp and Organ during our Ceremony and once we exited the Chapel, we released White Lead Doves. This served as both a Public Symbol of our Union and Love; as well in remembrance of those whom were with us in our Hearts and in spirits but not with us in Body.

Above all, no other day in my Life can replace the memory of the look on my Husband's face after I changed into my evening gown and did the "First Look" and how we both realised at that moment we Finally Mr & Mrs Sangster and that all our planning and saving for the past 9 months was all worth it!

My First Thank you is to God for the amazing Blessing he provided us and continues to do, Our Parents/Grandparents for being true inspirations and role models in Faith and Love for us as a Married couple and to ALL that participated and joined forces to make our day what it Truly was... Our Happily Ever After Fairy Tale Come True.


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