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Stephanie Oliver (Terblanche)

Stephanie Oliver

Married on Apr 11, 2015

My wedding day was the most amazing day I could’ve ever dreamt about…..

My husband the love of my life was waiting for me and I couldn’t wait to see him…through everything we’ve been and all the struggles that LIFE put before us, we overcame together!!!

The best day of my life was when he said I Do and I had the privilege of saying it back to him knowing we will always love and cherish each other…….

Our wedding venue was out of this world elegant with an Italian twist, the roof lit up with a slight green tinge to compliment my color scheme and the music was playing softly in the background while our starters were being served….the tasty yet elegant serving of calamari was absolutely incredible tickling everyone’s taste buds…..

Then ofcourse, came the speeches…… now that was something special. We had a good laugh and well a happy cry but it was perfect in every way.

Main meals were up next and can I tell you something….the food was to die for!! The steak so soft and mature a butter knife just slit right through…. Wow!!

Then the party started!!!! It was amazing….. Everyone had fun! They were joking, laughing and having a good time and all I could do was stand back for just one minute to take in all of this…..everyone I loved was there…they all came to see us join our hands in marriage!! Now that was a special moment for me standing there and just seeing everyone…..

Overall this was the best day of my life!! I COULDN’T HAVE ASKED FOR ANY BETTER!!!

I married my one true love and that is what matter to me most…..seeing myself spend the rest of my life with my best friend!!! My husband…….


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