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Megan Van der Berg

Megan Van der Berg

Married on Apr 17, 2015

I was never one of those girls who wanted a big wedding or started planning at the age of four. In fact i always said i don't care much for wedding days, i care more about the promises that you make on that day and the life you start after that. I must say i'm glad i didn't start planning at the age of four because then it would have been My wedding and not Our perfect wedding. We planned everything together and it was to our delight a DIY wedding.

Being a DIY wedding i looked lovely on the day, but looked terrible in the months coming up to the wedding as my future husband and I did woodwork around the clock trying to make everything and having long nights of folding papers and planning games. Why might you ask is this relevant, because on the day my husband and I had secret little smiles passed between us when looking at the tables, games and small little thing all around us knowing how far they had come to get there and how hard we had worked to make everything. It didn't go by as fast as everyone said, but that might just be because every now and then we'd stop and just look around us at the beauty that God had placed in our life's and the peace in our hearts of knowing that from now on its our journey together with no more boundaries or limits.

The people who helped me get dressed and ready couldn't help but mention that i didn't look nervous at all to which i could only reply "its because i know who i am marrying." The fact of the matter is i loved the day. It was beautiful and enchanting but to be honest i wish my husband could be the one who was entering, because to me the one thing about the day i will never forget is my future husband with tears in his eyes waiting for me at the end of the aisle. One of his groomsmen who was looking at my husband when i entered said: " I knew when she entered, i could see it in his face."

For my best friend and now my husband Jean-Pierre Van Der Berg.


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