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Lecia Blom (Du Toit)

Lecia Blom

Married on Apr 4, 2015

"Love must be more than a theory or a word; it has to be action. It has to be demonstrated. God is love and love has always been his idea. He came to love us to teach us how to love him and to teach us how to love ourselves and others."

We got married on the 4th of April 2015 at Vondeling Wines, Paarl.

It was the most perfect day! But not because of my beautiful dress, the lovely flowers or the hand-made decor. It was perfect because the most amazing man was waiting for me down the aisle of a beautiful little church amongst vineyeards. God literally took the wind out of our sails! Despite the wind hauling outside, he blessed us with so much love on our special day. I am blessed with a handsome down-to-earth husband! I am so proud to take on his surname and be Mrs Blom.

May our love always blossom in the garden of eternity. A perfect day is a day spend together!


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Vondeling Wines

Vondeling Wines

Create a lifetime of memories amongst the Vondeling vineyards