Bernette Becker (Kotze)

Married on Apr 17, 2015

How do you describe the excitement, anticipation and absolute magic of being a bride?
The butterflies, the shy smiles, the warm feeling when your eyes lock, the overwhelming feelings... Walking down the isle, I cried with happiness and excitement... When he took my hand and dried my tears, I just started laughing. This is us, this is our time...

We got married the 17th of April, 6 months after getting engaged. Our ceremony was held in a "Kelder". It was a soft, romantic atmosphere... Leaves over the floor, big old chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, candles burning with soft light seeping in from the doors and windows. Our reception was in Groenrivier's all-white hall. Our decor was floral and bright - colorful flowers and glass bottles that we painted ourselves in hues of blue and white. The atmosphere was lit by chandeliers and fairy lights.

A very special memory for me is that I was able to get married in my grandmother's dress. The dress is 69 years old! My grandmother got married in 1946 and my mother in 1981. With the help of a fashion-designer friend, Olga-Mare Möller, the dress was transformed into a fairy dress of pearls and lace.

When looking at our photos, all the heart-warming memories flood back... In every photo we are laughing, having fun, enjoying our moment. Every single photograph taken was us, no pretending, no posing. Every laugh, frozen in time - this is who we are.

To get married to your soulmate, your motivator, your rock. The man who thinks you are the most and best in everything. He makes my soul happy and my heart laugh. We will laugh together forever.


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Groenrivier Function Centre

Groenrivier Function Centre

A wonderful country venue set in the heart of one of Cape's most beautiful valleys.