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Tanya Strauss (van Tilburg)

Tanya Strauss

Married on Mar 13, 2015

We had a vintage-styled wedding. There were many vintage elements, with simplistic, clean designs and colours. We made use of many natural elements: wood cutting-boards engraved with our wedding logo, a wooded pallet dance floor, and wooden laser-cut nametags for every guest. I chose this theme due to its simplicity and it fit in well with the picturesque landscape.

I really wanted to get married outside, under pine trees, in the fresh air. The beautiful picturesque ATKV Drakensville venue was a perfect match for my dream ceremony. ATKV Drakensville has their own little chapel, but this wasn’t what I was looking for. Therefore, I went scouting for an open grass field, with pine trees. This couldn’t be too difficult too find, right?

Well, I found the horses roaming among a grass field overlooking the mountain range, with pine trees planted in a “V” formation, Perfect! ATKV Drakensville’s accommodating events coordinator, Hesmi Olwagen made my dream ceremony possible. I walked don the isle, with open blue skies above me, pine trees beside me and a beautiful mountain range in front of me. My teary husband was one of the highlights of the ceremony.
The other highlight of the day was our first dance that took place outside on a palette dance floor, in the twilight surrounded by fairy lights and our friends and family watching as we swayed on a acoustic song played by two artists.

As any wedding, we had some minor problems: I wanted to moved a pine tree for the outside ceremony!

After spotting the beautiful area where I wanted the ceremony to take place, I noted that there wasn’t enough shade for the guest to sit under. I wanted to move one pine tree to another area, to ensure shade for the guests. Crazy, I know. However, we wanted guest to feel relaxed and enjoy the ceremony, and not over heat.
Fortunately for us, environmental specialist visit ATKV Drakensville the previous month, and ordered that all indigenous trees be taken out, due to the large amount of water that they absorb.
ATKV Drakensville agreed to help and re-locate a pine tree to another location, just for shade. They cut down one tree, dug a massive whole, and re-planted the tree for our wedding alone. This proves how accommodating this venue is.

To the brides: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Sometimes stuff goes wrong, but none of your guest knows how it should have been. Just enjoy this great day!


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