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Suntelle Grobler (van Heerden)

Suntelle Grobler

Married on Mar 28, 2015

We met in the bushveld and we tied the knot in the heart of the bushveld!

We found a magical venue next to the majestic Limpopo River with the sounds of wild birds and water as natural music for the Ceremony and n beautiful Lapa for the PARTY!
We hand made 99.9% of the decor, from 400 handmade flowers, snack bottles, centre piece pastel painted wine bottles, windmills and a little hessian as final touch.

Party was the plan so we had no seating plan.

Saturday morning 28 March 2015 I woke up with a warm feeling in my heart. Today is my Wedding day and the birthday of my soon to be husband!

What is a wedding without something not going as plan?!
Well, God decided to bless our wedding with some much needed rain and our ceremony had to move for 2 reasons, 1- the mud was to much next to the river and it would be a messy situation and 2- there was clouds in the sky as a promise of more blessed rain for our wedding day.

I left the decisions to my dearest hubby to be as I was locked in my room and he had freedom and well he can be trusted to know what I would like best.

Needless to say, my hubby, mother and wedding planner figured it out and it was perfect!

AND my DJ forgot about the wedding but he made it eventually!

The rest of the day went by so fast I hardly remember anything and before I knew it was time to walk down the isle with my baby brother and Dad next to me.

The party was a hit, and the wedding was amazing.

Besides the fact that I received the wrong dress 10 days before the wedding and my trustworthy aunt had to customize another one the night before the wedding, I felt like a princess!


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