Dominique Van Wyk (du Plessis)

Married on Feb 20, 2015

Love is When you are blessed enough to marry your best friend and spend the rest of your life with that one person. I heard someone say that when two people get together that both had previous marriages, that they had the opportunity to get all the nonsense out the way with the first person ~ and can now spend the rest of their lives being happy and in love. I am the last person to advocate divorce and even more so the last person that ever thought i would be the one to go through that. But I can honestly say that now being older and all grown up, I have seen both sides of that fence and personally had the chance to dig my way through the mud end wreckage to finally find my own fairy tale and happy ending. Our wedding was a combination of Vintage and Farm chic, held at the enchantingly beautiful River Place Country Estate literally on the Hennopsriver. One of our first dates was there and i knew that very moment that one day our wedding would take place there. It was a dream come true, in the same way that my husband became my knight in shining armour as to a damsel in distress. Ourselves included, our wedding party consisted of 45 guests and everyone was involved in one way or another to make this wedding such a wonderful success. The unpredictability of a heat wave on our big day, instead of a shower of rain, made the day even more enchanting and memorable. I can honestly say that i could never have imagined the day more beautiful than it turned out to be, we danced the night away barefoot and in love. We were surrounded by friends and family that we could not have pictured this day without and it will forever be a dream came true that our children could play such a huge part of our special day. I am truly amazingly blessed to have found my soul mate and best friend in the most incredible human being that i have ever met.


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