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Michaela van den Honert (Lee)

Michaela van den Honert

Married on Dec 19, 2015

Our wedding was a dream come true, a night in fairyland!
Our wedding was an original cliche! Somewhere in between no tablecloths and lego-men cake pieces to the cliche garter and bouquet toss.
The decor was simple yet elegant, with everything lace and vintage.
Feeling like a princess in my lace wedding dress, I was surrounded by all the people that mean the most to me and have supported me throughout my life. Without them, our dream wedding would not have existed.
I never could have imagined feeling even closer to my love than I did on our day. Standing in front of all our loved ones making a lifelong commitment to each other was surely riveting! To make a commitment to become your soulmate's lifelong partner is the most amazing decision to make together. Our eyes were sparkling and are faces glowing.
We celebrated until the last minute, dancing among the fairy lights and enjoying top-class wine.
It was a night we'll never forget.


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