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Marisa Botha (Roets)

Marisa Botha

Married on Nov 14, 2015

I relocated to Pretoria from Richards Bay in 2013, where I met my best friend, know my husband. I rented a room from him for 6 months and moved out after he told me that he is in love with me... I would never forget his words "One day I'm going to make you my wife" Surprised about his arrogance, I thought to myself, What I real charmer, who does he think he is?

We had a fairy tale wedding on 14 November 2015, tranquil, chirping birds, overlooking the Apies River at The Whispering Tree Tops Garden Venue.. We were surrounded by genuine people that loves us and who believes in our love for each other. What a magical day, that was filled with love & joy.. God's Angels surrounding our true and honorable commitment. Stressful like any wedding but with the main focus on knowing I was marrying the right man, A man just like my Father.

The best moment of our wedding was saying our own vows, No rehearsal, no paper or pen, words straight from our hearts... As I walked down the aisle, I said my prayers to GOD to help me with the correct words to impress my newly Husband. He just stared at me with pride and I knew I accomplished what my intentions were.... Believe me there wasn't a dry eye amongst our guests.

Our Ceremony was about Man & Women in unity and 5 covenants in the Bible

1) Adam & Eve
2) Change of Surname
3) Intimacy between Husband & Wife
4) Exchange of wedding rings
5) A contract

But what made this day even more special is that our Ceremony Master included our guests by making them part of our special day, he requested that they turn to each other saying how much they cared and loved one another.

We had such a blessed day and I know and trust that God will bless, secure, protect and preserve our marriage, until death do us apart.


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