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Gerda Olckers (Olckers)

Gerda Olckers

Married on Nov 7, 2015

Our Big Day could not have gone any better. Everything went according to plan, and ran on time, with absolutely no complications.
The Bridegroom, Arnold Jeneke, arrived at church on time early, looking sharp in a tailored black suit, white shirt and yellow tie. He provided some well appreciated comic relief, as he, rather anxiously, kept checking his watch, while at the same time, with a pronouncedly furrowed brow, casting a watchful eye over his shoulder at the church entrance. The Bride, Gerda Olckers, arrived on time fashionably late, shining bright like a diamond in a pearl white gown, clutching a bouquet of yellow tulips.
The Wedding Ceremony commenced at 3:00pm in the NG Church on Robertson, with about 90% of the invited guests attending the ceremony. Half of the guests travelled an average of 200 kilometers in order to be present.
After the ceremony, the newlyweds, Mr & Mrs Jeneke, was whisked away with the wedding photographer to create indelible memories of their special day, one in particular showing them holding hands across a canal, flanked by green vineyards, against a backdrop of smoky mountains.
The guests trekked through the heat to the beckoning oasis of the reception at the picturesque Du Von wine estate. The soft gasps of relief was almost audible, as they stepped onto the tree canopied expanse of green lawn outside the reception hall, where they were greeted with visions of couches splayed about in the shade, vats filled with iced bottles of juices and ciders, and tables overflowing with energy refuelling snacks. New acquaintances were forged, and old ones were revived amongst the wedding guests.
The backdrop of the sprawling vineyards’ breathtaking beauty provided the canvass to turn the efforts of even the most amateurish selfie addict into prized exhibits of photographic artistry focussed on the newlyweds.
At 18h00 the wedding party retired to the reception hall, to rapturously welcome the entrance of Mr & Mrs Jeneke on the love song rendered by a live band. The Master of Ceremonies, a Karate Zen Renshi , conducted the formalities with well choreographed efficiency, whilst at the same having the stitches like a standup comedian. The tributes to Arnold and Gerda, so accurately highlighting their individualcharacteristics, were hailed with loud cries and peals of agreeing laughter. The toast was followed by the bridegroom’s brother, lead singer of the band, delivering a special song for the newlyweds.
The main course, catering for muslim and non-muslim guests alike, was preceded by guests congratulating the couple, presenting gifts, and posing for wedding photos with the married couple. The groom delivered his speech and words of thanks on behalf of them both, followed by the bride casting her bouquet at all the single ladies, and leading the men on a merry round of musical chairs in order to win her garter.
The dance floor was opened by the groom and master of ceremonies delivering and impromptu karate-dance demonstration to the accompaniment of the song ‘’Kung Fu Fighting’’. The guests then flooded the dance floor, and proceeded to dance the night away. The serving of dessert brought only a temporary lull in the dancing.
The hall housed the 150 guests comfortably. The decor’s colour scheme of black and yellow, with white draping from the ceiling, perfectly complimenting the white and yellow of the bride and bridesmaids, as well as the black and yellow of the groom and groomsmen. Many of the female guests had bought into the themed colours, as evidenced by their dresses. At the entrance to the hall, a 1.5 metre x 2 metre painting of the couple’s faces was displayed, drawn in black on a yellow cloth. The hall and tables were spotted with yellow tulips. The wedding cake was white and yellow, with two karate figurines on top, in honour of the groom being a karate instructor, and about a third of the guests being karateka’s. The wedding invitation was in yellow, embossed with Japanese characters in black.
The atmosphere was very relaxed, underlined with a sense of familiarity. Jokes was made throughout, and was loudly and vocally appreciated by the guests. The guests did not want to leave, very obviously enjoying the wonderful setting of the reception, the great live music, and the company of the Jenekes and assorted guests.
The day can only be described as unforgettable. The weather, church and reception venue were fantastic. The decor was very attractive. The food was absolutely delicious. The live band was amazing with the music fitting the occasion to a tee. The guests were wonderful and eager to be part of everything. And the wedding couple... They were perfect... For each other... Together... They were Mr and Mrs Arnold and Gerda Jeneke. And this, finally, was their day... their day which the Lord has made.


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