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Corlia Oberholzer (Bosman)

Corlia Oberholzer

Married on Nov 28, 2015

It wasn't love at first sight but it turned out to be love after all.
We were so excited to start planning the wedding and that's when I realised that I'll soon be his helper, his greatest fan, his right hand, his supporter, the only lady he'll hold for the rest of his life and the love of his life. He will soon call me his bride.

We had a beautiful wedding weekend at Meulstroom Lodge near Bronkhortspruit where all the guests gathered together from the Friday to the Sunday. It was lovely to see both families getting to know each other. Not only was the 28th of November a blessed day for us but also for my parents as it was their 28th wedding anniversary which made it even more special.

Thinking back to our wedding day everything was perfect. The venue was beautiful and everything was just as we planned. We feel so blessed with the best family and friends who shared our magical day with us. We are so excited about God's plan for our future.


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