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Colleen Siebert (Meireles)

Colleen Siebert

Married on Nov 7, 2015

Our wedding was truly a dream come true. It was all we imagined it to be and so much more, one would not believe it was planned in two months. Our love for each other, immeasurable , and it was so evidently captured in our photos. We enjoyed every breathtaking moment but the day flew by so quickly. It was even more spectacular than we ever hoped it to be. I owe it all to my humble and loving husband Dean, thank you for a magical and unforgettable day!

When I think back to the day, I remember most how thankful I was. At one point I stepped back to take it all in. I was grateful for my friends, family and husband.

How blessed am I ? ...I married my first and last real love ...16 years since we last had contact, yet we found each other again and now its until death us do part.

Mrs Siebert


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