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Carmen Bock (Olifant)

Carmen Bock

Married on Nov 21, 2015

Our beautiful wedding at Nantes Estate in Paarl on a cool, rainy day, was pure Grace of God. We found each other in difficult phases of our life and during our years of dating, we relied purely on GOD for every blessing that came our way. Things came together like neither one of us ever dreamed of. Many times we both wondered about God's timing and needless to say God's timing was more than perfect. We are so blessed. Our wedding it almost seems a miracle how things came together. Coming from Upington, Northern Cape, getting married in Cape Town and having to organize everything from Upington without a budget for a wedding planner, was challenging to put it mildly. Needless to say, we felt as if every single service provider from the wedding dress designer, our photographer, videographer, hair and make up artists, stationary, music, the venue, our decor and flowers, our cake and even our pastor, premarital counseling, bridal party, etc. were God sent. It literally felt like we were directed to these people by an upper hand. After a few tearful moments from all the stress, two blackberry thumbs and a lot of emails, phone calls and messages later, we honestly can say it was everything every bit of it and everything we had ever hoped and prayed for. Our family, especially our mothers were so supportive. We had a day of pure love if one can wrap it up in one word. Our guests were thrilled. If someone could have told us this 5 years ago, we would have have never believed them! I wish every couple could believe us when we say if you put all our trust in God and you honour Him, everything will come together and you too can have everything your heart desires for your wedding day. We were truly blessed. Hahaha, it was a struggle to tell our guests the night was over. Here's to love, life, joy, grace and blessings!!!


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Nantes Estate

Nantes Estate

Nantes Estate draws on the history and character of the surrounding Paarl countryside - ushering through its doors a 17th century European style of elegant spaces, rare finds a...