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Bronwen Talbot (van Laun)

Bronwen Talbot

Married on Nov 7, 2015

on the 7th of November 2015 I was lucky enough to marry not only my high school sweetheart but also my best friend. So many people search their whole lives for the love of their lives. I consider myself truly blessed to have found my soal mate at such a young age.
I remeber the very first time Rainier and I met. We were a couple of wide eyed teenagers hoplessly in love with each other. Now 8 years later we are no longer teenagers but are still as much in love as we were the day that we met. In fact I love and respect him even more today for the amazing man he has become.

My wedding day started with a bang of excitment. My bridesmaids and I felt like royalty, getting our hair and make up done before slipping into our beautiful gowns.
Driving to the venue I felt like a young girl with a racing heart and butterflies in my tummy. I was about to marry the man of my dreams.
Our wedding was held at Stellenrust wine farm in Stellenbosch. It was a perfect day, not to hot and not a breath of wind. With the Stellenbosch mountains as a backdrop it was like a scene from a fairytale.

Arriving at the venue my dad was waiting for me at the door. A man of few words, but the smile on his face and the pride in his eyes was deafening. I will never forget how calm he made me feel as he took me by the arm and held my hand as he walked me down the ilse. With each step we took I was getting closer and closer to my future.
Rainier looked so handsome in his navy tux and his polkadot bowtie. It was as if time stood still when he took my hand. Everything else faded away and nothing else mattered except him.
With the I do's said and the rings exchanged we became Mr and Mrs Talbot with a magical first kiss.

After a walk in the vineyards and a drive in our wedding car, we headed back to the reception which had moved in doors. Our guests cheered and clapped as we enetered the hall as Mr and Mrs. Words such as beautiful, amazing and stunning were but a few which could be heard coming from the lips of guests.
Our evening began with our first dance to Nsync - this I promise you. A song that suited our relationship so well as Rainer has always been my rock to keep me steady, my shoulder ready to cry on and my friend when I needed one.

After great food and tearful toasts from friends and family, the real party began. As the dancefloor opened every guest was on their feet and their was a not a dry seat in the house. Every minute of our wedding was filled with love, laughter, happiness and pure joy.

I am sure that every bride says that they feel like a princess on their wedding day but there is no words that can explain the way I felt. A magical day frozen in time by memories that will last a life time.
Although words cannot describe how amazing I felt on my wedding day, nothing comes close to the way that Rainier makes me feel every day. If our wedding day is a taste of the happiness we will have in our marriage then I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.


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