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Chelene Nayar

Chelene Nayar

Married on Jan 24, 2015

You always wonder who you will have your fairytale with… Where will I meet him? What will he look like? What is he doing at this exact moment?…

Fast forward 3 years, who would have thought that I would marry the guy I once introduced to someone else, not knowing that he actually liked me (yeah, I was pretty oblivious back then…I really didn’t see that one coming… I guess love really does come when you least expect it to happen).

And after 3 amazing years; my husband decided to pull off the hardest thing he had ever done in his life, propose to someone that can smell a surprise from a mile away! Fortunately for me, he pulled it off so well that once again…I didn’t see it coming (I’m starting to wonder if I’m really THAT oblivious to things??).

After 10 months of planning an intercultural wedding between the Punjabi culture and Christian faith, which was worth the blood, sweat and tears, we successfully pulled off the most colourful, diverse and vibrant 2 day wedding. Here, we had South Africa meets Kenya, Cape Town meets Nairobi, Nikhil’s family meeting mine.

The 23rd and 24th of January 2015 had arrived, where two diverse cultures united as one. From introducing our families and friends to experiencing different ceremonies, rituals and embracing customs, the room was filled with infinite amounts of love, happiness, bright colours, elegance, superb food, LOTS of dancing and tons of laughter. Every moment experienced, every smile shared and every emotion felt through the festivities was pure bliss.

It truly was a memorable occasion and it has definitely laid the foundation to our “happily ever after”.


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