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Ulandi Dodds

Ulandi Dodds

Married on Sep 20, 2014

20 September 2014

Memories I will treasure forever:
It was a perfect day. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze in the air. It was two days before my 29th birthday, what a great gift! I got legally married in a red dress and gold pumps early that morning. Having breakfast (the only food for the day) with my dad at the Wimpy, curlers in my head.
Two hours before the wedding I was still decorating my wedding cake. It was a mad dash from one point to the other. I was late getting dressed; it was just hands, clothes and nervous laughter everywhere. Beautiful chaos. If it was any other way it wouldn’t have been me!

Walking down the steps my dad and I made jokes. I was surprised at all the faces (and cameras) when we got to the sand. Seeing all the people that came so far for our wedding warmed my heart. We are so blessed.

As soon as I was standing next to Etiënne everything else just faded away. Nothing else mattered anymore. 9 Years came down to this. That’s when you realise that everything doesn’t need to be perfect. From there on it was just laughter and fun. Our matching wedding bands were absolutely gorgeous and everything we hoped for. I got washed over by a wave seconds after my profile picture was taken. Our best friend read a beautiful poem. Our brother and sister (all grown up) giving toasts on our parents. Etiënne’s speech was funny but also very touching. Our first dance is something I will never forget. We can’t dance, we didn’t practise and I picked the longest song to dance to. But we stuck it out to every last note of To Love Somebody by Bonnie Tyler and pulled it off.

It was the best day ever!


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