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Nicolene Traut (Mare)

Nicolene Traut

Married on Sep 20, 2014

My husband and I where together for nearly 8 years before we finally got engaged. By this time we had both formed part of each other's families, but every one was still waiting for the official "joining". When the day arrived it was everything we could wish for... The Sun was shining through the tree tops, which just started to turn green after the long winter and the first spring rains. With splashes of colour from the Origami Fan's, Bright flowers and colourful lanterns the day was as bright and friendly as our hearts. We opened the Evening with Philip Philip's Gone Gone Gone and enjoyed the rest of it with friends and family from far away and long ago, around the Spit and huge Bon-fires. It was a magical day and everything we could dream of - a terrific start to the rest of our lives together.


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