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Natalie Brunninger

Natalie Brunninger

Married on Sep 27, 2014 in Gauteng

Our journey has been one that has had its ups and downs but from the day that I saw you for the first time to the day I stood with you before our God and promised my life to you - I wouldnt change a thing. I think our wedding will be on the lips of our guests for years to come. We decided to steer clear from the norm and to do things differently - a testiment to our whole relationship. With a guest ist of ony 45 of our closest friends and family we decided to have a morning wedding and wisk off to our honeymoon directly afterwards. The neutral pallet, charming ellegance and dream venue made for what I deem a classical wedding. My dream of having a stress free wedding was made possible, largely, by the owner of Illyria House who with slight instruction was able to pull off the most beautiful wedding.

I have been swept away, I am levitating, singing with rapture and dancing like a dervish. Love is passion, obsession, someone you can’t live without, I have fallen head over heels, I have found someone that I love like crazy and loves me the same way back, I have forgotten my head and listened to my heart, I am deliriously happy.... multiply this happiness by infinity, and take it to the depth of forever, and you will still have barely a glimpse of how I'm feeling.
Today I made a promise to you, I promised you trust, respect and responsibility, taking the weight of my choices and actions and loving you now until forever and every minute in between.
May we make our way through this beautiful thing called life, hand in hand with grace, compassion and fortitude.
Together we are better than we could ever hope to be alone, and today I gave you my heart for millenniums multiplied by eons compounded by time without end............


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