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Mellisa-anne Denysschen (Dearham)

Mellisa-anne Denysschen

Married on Sep 13, 2014 in Gauteng

(They say at every wedding something will go wrong and IT DID)

Well the morning of the wedding my mom and sister with my friend made me a real nice Champaign Breakfast at the hairdresser.

When we were finished drove home to where I was getting dressed. Everyone ran late that day so my makeup artist was and she had to do everybody's makeup. By the time I had to leave for the Church I saw everybody standing around so I had to chase them out of the house to leave so that I could be on time.

As we got closer to the venue I could see that there was a fire and the whole place is covered in smoke. When we got there the power was off and they had a generator running but it was ok until later.

While I was standing by the door of the church to go inside I had this feeling come over me that nothing is going to go wrong and I can stop all the stress of the day and the planning and just enjoy it.

At the reception the power went out just as we were about to serve the food. It was our disaster my new husbands boss actually help to fix the generator that did not want to switch on.

But all said and done we are married for 3 months now and its wonderful. I am so glad I married my best friend that day.


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