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Johanita Joubert (Jones)

Johanita Joubert

Married on Sep 27, 2014

Our Wedding day was a very special and emotional event but at the same time the big big day in both of our lives. This all started approximately 3 weeks before the wedding, my bride to be were involved in a serious vehicle accident.
My bride to be spend 1 week in hospital of which 3 days were in ICU, and that with numerous arrangements still to be fulfilled. Despite many people advising us to postpone the wedding until everything was back to normal, we took the bull by the horns and carried on the arrangements.
Our feelings for one another is stronger than any minor postictal. Even though our planned honey moon had be to canceled due to my lovey bride not being able to fly a long distance. These unfortunate events only served the purpose of strengthening our vows and bonds.


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