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Annemarie Schoeman

Annemarie Schoeman

Married on Sep 6, 2014

On the 6th September 2014, I woke up and what a beautiful spring, sunshine morning it was, and I realize Today is our wedding day!! I had not seen my husband since the previous day... so I was very impassioned!!!!!

All went well that morning, the wedding was at 15:00, I was ready at 14:30.... i just wanted to go and get married to my best friend, soul mate and husband to be. When I finally arrived at the church and I saw my husband, my eyes filled with tears.

I could not wait to become his Wife and to make a promise to my husband, our beloved Father and family & friends.

The emotions were very high " Happiness and tears of Joy"

The Venue / Church looked so beautiful and full of spring fresh air, all the months of planning finally came together - THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES!!!


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