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Nicole Cupido (Kolbe)

Nicole Cupido

Married on Aug 9, 2014

It was a day filled with LOVE, HAPPINESS & LAUGHTER!!!!

We can honestly say that through the grace of GOD, our wedding day was the BEST day of our lives!! The weather was perfect and even though we had small issues in the morning everything turned out PERFECT at the end of the day.

We have known each other for 8 years and when Nashwin proposed on Christmas Day 2011 I was so surprised that I laughed as he was declaring his love for me and asking if I was willing to spend the rest of my life with him, but eventually I had the chance to breathe and answer YES!!!! Now usually after the proposal you suppose to start with the planning but in our story it was completely different - we relaxed and took it day by day.

Eventually in June 2013 we decided to start planning and set the date 9th August 2014 and the reason for the date was so that we could be off every year of our Anniversary... the days literally went by so quick and before we knew it OUR DAY ARRIVED!!! :)

From the start of the day I had my MOTHER (my twin/role model- what??? MY EVERYTHING) by my side and I could'nt be more GREATFUL for the love and support she has always given me!!! TRULY - SHE'S ONE IN A MILLION!!! :)

As we arrive at Church and walk towards the entrance I turn to my Father and say 'Lets do this DAD' and as we started walking down the aisle I can feel my dad slowing down the closer we get to the man of my dreams (which was the total opposite to what we did at the rehearsal) and eventually we reach each other and as I turn to my dad all I see is tears of JOY as though I'm leaving leaving him for the rest of his life ,so I hug him and whisper " Forever your DAUGHTER DAD"... I then turned to my future husband and from that moment on the day only got BETTER...

Our wedding ceremony was at St Clares' Roman Catholic Church and Reception at Zevenwacht Wine Estate and everything was perfect.

It was the happiest and most joyful day of our lives as we shared it with all our FRIENDS AND FAMILY....


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Situated on the Stellenbosch Wine Route, Zevenwacht has viticulture roots which penetrate deep into the historic past of South Africa.