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Sarsih Miskin (Kegel)

Sarsih Miskin

Married on Jul 5, 2014

A volunteer foundation phase teacher and a lawyer... perfect puzzle pieces!

Our "mixed-vibe" wedding day was the most fun I have ever had! From starting the day surrounded with family and friends while getting ready, to the formal and traditional ceremony, and ending at the laid-back and fun-filled reception, I couldn't have asked for a better day.

An enormous thank you to: my amazing mom and cousins for flying all the way to South Africa to celebrate with us, my mother-in-law for allowing me to raid her home of decor to make each table unique, Gypsy Closet for tracking down over a thousand paper lanterns that created a more cheerful ambiance than I ever could have imagined, Carien at Oak House who was so accommodating with all the ideas I had for the venue, Odette Will and Kristin Carpenter-Kling for working their magic on all the ladies involved with the big day, Carla and Hayden at Kallah Ohr Photography for capturing the precious moments of the day so beautifully and artistically, my dear bridesmaids for supporting me every step of the way even when my ideas didn't make sense out loud, and my dear husband, who was my biggest and best supporter in the process and worked so hard to help make it really feel like OUR wedding!

Finally... Praise to the Lord who not only blessed us with a perfect wedding day, but a blissful start into married life!


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