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Nadine Kennedy (Jansen van Vuuren)

Nadine Kennedy

Married on Jul 5, 2014

It wasn't like any bride's 'dream wedding'... this one slightly different I think. I had a desire for showers of rain and kindling fires... 50's music and 'random' decorations... a venue that feels like a HOME. And it did! Simondium Country Lodge was everything we had in mind... white & black checked floor, 'real' vintage furniture & decor, a romantic jazzy bar, mysterious rooms.. and the list goes on. I saw a picture of my grandmother and -father's wedding when I was little and could never erase the picture out of my mind. About 20 years later I finally found THE photo and that's exactly where my inspiration came from. Just that. The legendary picture is in my photo gallery to share with you. For some reason I just didn't want flowers at our wedding. I only used some greenery mixed with lace material pieces as decor. It was simple and I loved it. We wanted to invest in people, not material. From my wedding shoes to the hair piece in my hair and the groom's cravat... everything tells a story and I'm definitely keeping my wedding dress hung up in our home.. remembering every detail of a very blessed (and interesting) day.


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